Little Rocket Battles
Pre-Launch Giveaway
Challenge Others In Games Of Skill For EOS.
Give us your best 'Battle Motto' and stand to win a massive 1,000 Rocket Tokens + early Beta access. Only the best 500 will win.
1,000 Rocket Tokens
Early Beta Access
What you put under your war banner?
The best 500 win our epic launch prize.
You must be over 18 years old, dude.
If you win we'll send your Rocket Tokens here
Thank you, and good luck. Now please tell your friends, your family, n00bs who don't 'get' blockchain (good intro for the mainstream), that hot person at gym you like: let's rock the Blockchain! Plus, join us on Telegram below for the latest updates:
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Join Us! Plus Share With Your Friends (& Enemies)
Invite them, challenge them, win all their precious EOS. HA HA <ahem!>